Sarasota-Manatee County USBC 
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If you receive an award or hit a milestone achievement (highest series/game, pick up the big four, 7-10 etc.) for your bowling, get someone to take your picture and send it and info to Sandy Combs at (  
Don't forget the who, what, when, where, why info with the pic!

Bowlers Bowling in Our Local USBC Association.........
***Bowl a 300 Game or a 800 + Series, Receive an Embroidered Polo Shirt; 
***Bowl an 11-in-a-Row, Receive and Embroidered Towel.
***Bowl 75 pins over average and receive a SMCBA coaster.

102 Club
For those who wonder what happens to the "102" monies we collect over the bowling you know.  It is donated to local charities, this year we donated $1000 to Suncoast Charities.
Bowling in the SRQ County Mixed at Sarasota Lanes...League Winners..
(L to R) Dave Marceau (First ever First Place Plaque), Alyssa Price (First ever Bowling League & First ever First Place Plaque) along with First Place Team-mate Paul Pettis.  
(not pictured team-mate Sean Pettis
Congratulations to All!
Congratulations to Karin Miller for her first ever 600.  She shot 604 at The Bobby Combs Century Doubles, Sept 17 at Bowlero Bradenton.  
Way to go Karin!
Congrats to Suzanne McRae bowling her high game of 230 in Yoders/One Stop Solar league at Sarasota Lanes
Congratulations Aaron Albritton on bowling the first 800 of Sarasota Lanes winter season!
Congratulations to Robert Oden for bowling the first 300 of Sarasota Lanes  winter season!
Rick Isom                    Dylan Clark                    Robert Oden
James Grimes            Leighton Bryant Jr        Tony Trinidad
Mark Donushi             Scott Pogar                    Brady Shank
Joseph Mankowski    Bill Oravecz                   Justin Carroll
Ronnie Elliott             Todd Tague (2)               Cody Jones
Frank Longenbach    David Burnham           ​   Marc Prothero
James McCleland      Brandon Metty               Gregory Talbot
Carl Sawyer III            Bobby Teachey              Brandon Roscoe
Donny Johnson
Aaron Albritton
Hunter Parrish
James McCleland 
Justin Carroll
Marc Prothero
Congratulations on your 300 games...

Congratulations to Jim Ord, Cliff Martin, Jim Beckwith and Bill Bickley for their Florida State Seniors First Place Finish at the 2023 Tournament